Snowman Trek

Among the few selected treks, Snowman trek is one of the most thrilling and challenging treks standing on the top of the list for the hardest trekking route in Bhutan or for that matter the world.

The Snowman trek is a connected route used by the people of low land and high land to do the trade with the north region of Himalaya in ancient time and also the route used to migrate the cattle for migration. Even today, highlander who are close to Bhutan’s high peaks and have best knowledge of the environment still use those treks for migration and for the trading.

Crossing over 11 mountain pass and mostly walking above 12000 ft., one have to be in his best physical and mental state. The trekkers are accompanied by the snow caped mountain and pristine environment till the end and are always absorbed in Bhutan’s highest snow Peak Mountain and the glacier lake which come across their way.

One can encounter the people living in the remote village of Bhutan and have a chance to get the test of their lifestyle. As the trekking continue one can find the yak herding group staying in the pitch tent made from yak hair, used as temporary stay in the pasture land. 


The interesting thing however in the recent news is that there’s a Hollywood movie just launched about a group of trekkers following this route and completing it in a record breaking 15 days.


We have yet to see how the movie will do in the theaters but rest assure this go to show that there will be a rise in interest for such treks in the country. Snow man trek and other such treks span to over a month long and the trails tough. It takes sheer willpower to just to make the decision that one would want to go through with it.

The best time for the trek is in September and October. We have a fixed departure set for the trek and are set to take the trail on the 25th of September. However die to the hardship the trekkers will face in the mountains only a group of 17 at maximum can set on the trail at a given day. The stakes are high and the window of opportunity minute.

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