Consulting and Booking Process with Colorful Bhutan Travels

From the time you start talking to us about your vacation, we work closely with you to ensure that the planning and the bookings are exactly what you need. Here is a basic, step-by-step breakdown of a typical consulting and booking process.

Step 1.Consulting

At Colorful Bhutan Travels we listen to what you want, to your preferences and needs regarding your Bhutan Vacation. Because we listen to you, we are able to consult you and provide you with a tailored itinerary that will fulfill all your expectations.

All we need to know ..

  1. number of days you want to spend in Bhutan
  2. b.type of tour (cultural/trekking/photography/meditation/wedding/biking)
  3. number of people accompanying with you (children/adult)
  4. date of journey
  5. where are you planning to enter Bhutan from (Kathmandu,New Delhi, Bangkok, Singapore, Mumbai,Bangladesh)

Step 2 : Tour Cost

Work out a tour itinerary/tour program with Colorful Bhutan Travels. Based on the itinerary/tour program (number of days you want to spend in Bhutan), we will calculate the amount you must pay (Tour Payment) in advance and email you the cost details and the banking address.

Step 3:Wire Transfer

Now upon receiving an email from us in regard to your Total Tour Cost, you need to wire the tour payment calculated by us to the banking address we have provided in our previous email. Please email the bank wire receipt copy to Us. It usually takes Three working days for the money to get credited. Once the money is credited we will send you a confirmation email in regard to the payment we have received and also your final Itinerary.

Note: once the itinerary is discussed and finalized, it doesn’t mean that we can’t further modify or change your itinerary. we can always change your itinerary upon your needs.

Step 4: Visa

You will have to email us your Scanned copy of your passport (clear and Colored). Your passport should have a validity of more than six months before you send us your scanned copy of your passport. We will then complete your visa application. It usually takes a maximum of one week’s time. Upon completing your visa formalities, we will then update you about your visa status.

note: once your visa gets approved, we will then email you the approved visa copy.

Step 5: Getting in Touch

Once everything is done (Tour Program, Visa, Air tickets), our team will keep in touch with you. We will tell you about the things which you may need to bring while coming to Bhutan. We will update you about the weather changes. If there is any change in particular to the programs mentioned in your itinerary, you will be updated about it.

Air Tickets

The Bhutan Sector air ticket is little tricky as there are only two airlines operating in and out of Bhutan we would advise and recommend all our guest to book the air ticket in advance. The cost of Air Fare are quoted by the Airlines.

We also help book your Air Tickets from these sectors (Bangkok/Thailand, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bagdora, Kathmandu, Singapore, Bangladesh)

note: If you want us to book your flight tickets from the above mentioned sectors, we will calculate the total air fair and send you the total cost for the air fair along with your total tour cost. The Air Fair will be calculated based on the Air Fair mentioned in the Airline Website. Once the Flight Ticket is confirmed, we will book the flight ticket and the copy of flight ticket (E-Ticket) will be emailed to you as soon as the booking is done.

Tour cancellation & refund policy

Tour Programs booked and subsequently cancelled shall be subject to cancellation charges as follows:

  • 45 days or more prior to arrival date in Bhutan– no charges
  • 45-30 days prior to arrival date in Bhutan – 20% of rate
  • 22– 29 days prior to arrival date in Bhutan – 30% of rate
  • 15-21 days prior to arrival date in Bhutan – 50% of rate
  • Less than 15 days prior to arrival date in Bhutan – No Refund
  • An Administration fee of USD75 will be applicable for all cancelled tours

In the event of cancelled or shortened trips due to unforeseen reasons after arrival in Bhutan, no refund will be made due to the company already having paid for hotels and other logistics.

No refund will be made for missed connections or no show at the airports.