Bhutan Visa Requirement & Procedures

All visitors to Bhutan must need a visa except Indian travelers. Tourists Bhutan Visa will be issued only through a local tour companies, like Colorful Bhutan Travels. No Agents and Embassies outside Bhutan can issue your Bhutan Visa.

After obtaining confirmed flights, you should apply your Bhutan Visa which will take only 2-3 working days for receiving your complete visa. Colorful Bhutan Travels will advise and apply your Bhutan Visa. You don’t have to do anything, besides sending just only few things via email. You must send your color passport scanned copy to Colorful Bhutan Travels, so we can complete your visa formalities. Upon receiving your Visa from the Department of Immigration in Bhutan, Colorful Bhutan Travels will send the same Visa copy to you through email, which you will have to produce a print copy while entering into Bhutan along with your flight’s e-ticket copy.

The actual Visa will be stamped on your passport at the port of entry or upon your arrival. So the process is very simple for acquiring your Bhutan Visa, just you need to apply minimum 2-3 weeks in advance prior to your arrival. Bhutan Visa fee is US $40 per person per visit.

However, tourists Bhutan Visa will be issued upon depositing your full Tour Payments to the Tourism Council of Bhutan’s account whereby Colorful Bhutan Travels will remain as an ultimate beneficiary of the amount you sent.